Technical background

Our company places great emphasis on creating a high quality technical background. For this purpose, we use modern Cisco, HP and Dell network devices in our telematic machine/engine room as well as in our development center, and we apply XenServer paravirtualization redundant operating systems on our servers. Our telecommunication connections are provided by Hungarian Telekom in both landline and mobile directions.

Our technical lab is equipped with Fluke and Tektronix gauges, and we have an industrial 3D printer for prototyping tasks. For industrial developments Siemens S7 and AMiT modular PLCs and HMIs are used, from which we have a separate plant for development and testing purposes.

United Technology Alliance is the partner of RIPE Local Internet Registry, so it has its own IP address range and administration right on its Hungarian network. We have Hungarian domain registration rights at ISZT and an international registration license is also available for us as a partner of OnlineNIC.