UniAlarm Fire IP

The central unit of UniAlarm Fire IP 9100 is a 700 Mhz ARM processor which comes with 512 MB RAM and 4 GB eMMC flash memory. A full value Linux operational system runs on the module. The data transmission and the control software solutions are our own developments. The main strength of our device is that it supports 4 different transmission paths which can be used in parallel with one another: beside a wired IP connection, a dual SIM GPRS modem is built in with a LoRaWan 868-Mhz transmission unit. Thus 1 wired and 3 wireless signal transmission routes are available.

Inputs Outputs GPRS Ethernet Other
8+1 (2 level) 2+2 Dual SIM 10/100 Mbit/s 868 Mhz LoraWAN, USB

The UniAlarm Fire IP 9100 is designed in a way that it contains 2 USB ports and an expansion port so the functionality of the device can be extensible (analogue line modem, PSTN FXS port RS232/485 port RFID reader etc.). Naturally in the future further development of the expansion modules will be carried out according to user’s demands so more and more functions will be available.

Outstanding features and options

  • Power supply voltage 12V - 24V
  • 8 pieces of 3-state input according to National Fire Safety Codes and Standards (OTSZ) requirements
  • Tamper input; failure, status and PNP outputs
  • Measurement of signal strength even without software with the help of 6 pieces of high-intensity led
  • Because of its built-in power supply and battery there is no need for separate relay modules to operate it safely
  • With the maintenance tool the input power status can instantly be checked and the operability can be tested as well
  • With the help of the LoRaWAN module 8 additional pieces of analogue input are available which can forward the data of as many as 8 extra contacts or 8 pieces of sensors (temperature, humidity, CO2 … etc.)

Technical parameters

  • Inputs
    8x 3-state, 1x 2-state
  • Outputs
    2x PNP max. 500 mA, 2x LED
  • Wired communication
    Ethernet (RJ45 port)
  • GPRS communication
    Dual SIM, Quad Channel, SMA connector (SMD protected)
  • 868 Mhz communication
    LoraWAN, SMA connector (SMD protected)
  • IP protocols and functions
    Firewall, HTTPS, PPPoE, VPN, NTP, SNMP
  • Communication protocols
    SIA DC.09 Contact ID, ENIGMA IP, UniAlarm UADC
  • Power supply
    12 VDC - 24 VDC without heatsink
  • Operating temperature
    0 - 50ºC
  • Dimensions
    180 x 87 mm

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