Our vision and mission

We at United Technology Alliance think that information technology in the 21st century is no longer a goal but a tool. It is a tool being more cost-effective and efficient for companies and world governments to meet the challenges of a globalized world, at the same time customers, users and citizens can comfortably and predictably manage their affairs and can use the time and money saved in this way to raise their own living standards.

We are convinced that high quality and well-designed systems are created for the benefit of people in all parts of the world, and some products will provide intelligent solutions in addition to their basic function. Based on this, our company is committed to producing high quality products that go beyond basic functions, bare intelligent solutions and create universally-usable components.

Our vision is a world where information technology helps people achieve fulfillment in their work by removing the "unnecessary" organizational, systematization, regulatory and registration tasks from their shoulders. The systems of this world will be based on independent, yet interconnected hardware and software components, to which United Technology Alliance will also wish to integrate its entire expertise.

We believe that the basics of future developments will increasingly be open source software and/or open standard solutions, either as an alternative to or even complement of other applications. To facilitate this, 5% of the annual after-tax profit of United Technology Alliance’s entire group is paid to support open source developments or organizations and the company supports its staff in participating in such projects.