ENIKA.CZ s.r.o is a Czech private company founded in 1990, whose major activity is the production of entirely self-developed wireless control systems. It has references in most European cities which demonstrates the quality of the system. ENIKA is continuously developing its systems and has a significant warehouse stock to serve its cutomers’ needs.

Manufactured device families

  • Wireless built-in and DIN-rail switch modules
  • Wireless built-in and DIN-rail dimmer modules
  • Wireless built-in and DIN-rail roller shutter controllers
  • Wireless DALI and 0-10V lighting regulators
  • Remote controllers
  • Wireless, serially connectable light switches and sensors

All switches and room controllers fit into the ABB Electro Praga’s assembly family thus a completely homogeneous installation can be created both in colour and design – whether they are wired or wireless devices.

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