Our UniTrack solution has been applied successfully by many international manufacturing companies. With its help tracking of the manufactured units within the factory, results of production processes and final pre-packing checks can also be performed. The system helps to optimize production and also performs a quality function, since if any necessary steps are left out during the final product check, the system stops the process.

Key features and solutions

  • Suppport of 1D or 2D (e.g. DataMatrix) barcodes
  • Product marking/labeling with Domino or VideoJET printer (other printers can be implemented)
  • Programmable formulation (workflow) and intervention management
  • Wired or WiFi data link, IP based communication with the readers
  • Compact and IP65-protected control cabinets, quick installation
  • Making production history and product lists, retrievability/traceability
  • Producing productivity lists: frequency of rejects and localization
  • Web-based, multi-language user interface

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