Security data transfer and control

Since its 2007 foundation, our company has been dealing with the further development and integration of security systems mainly in cases of specific developments.

We have extensive experience in the field of alarm and fire alarm systems, industrial and security cameras as well as access control systems, and we have made hardware and/or software solutions for several foreign manufacturers.

UniAlarm Fire IP Solutions

  • Remote monitoring of alarms and fire alarms
  • Supervision of IP-based cameras
  • Integrating sensors and actuators into a smart home system
  • Mobile application-based insight and intervention interface
  • Fail-safe mode on different transmission paths

In addition to the above, it is possible to integrate individual communication protocols or control modes. If necessary, the modules can be integrated into centralized supervision via our UniAlarm Dispatcher system, which can also be used to configure individual event-related control operations or allocate alerts.