Scalable hosting service

In our own data centre, we are able to meet the full range of hosting needs of existing or new customers. Our technical background provides 24/7 availability to ensure the smooth operation of the service, which can be supplemented by VPN services between fixed or mobile endpoints.

For more resource-intensive applications we recommend our cloud-based VPS solution.

Our hosting and data centre services

  • Hungarian (.hu), international and IDN domain registration
  • Providing and maintenance of DNS server
  • Hosting with secure FTP connection
  • POP3 or IMAP4 based email handling with secure SMTP connection
  • Possibility to run SSI / PHP scripts
  • Access to visitors’ number statistics
  • Providing a dedicated IP address

All our services include

  • Self-service ordering and ticketing system
  • Plesk's automatic configuration and web/mail management system
  • 24/7 electronic support and service guides
  • Unrestricted access to bandwidth