Virtual servers and SaaS

We offer VPS and SaaS (software as a service) solutions to those who do not want to maintain their own infrastructure or IT team. With our virtual server service there is no investment cost, there are no hours of configuration and at any time it can be dynamically expanded to meet current needs.

Our technical background provides 24/7 availability to ensure the smooth operation of the service that can be supplemented by VPN services between fixed or mobile endpoints.

Our VPS and SaaS solutions

  • Pre-installed 32 or 64-bit operating system (Linux or Windows)
  • Optional and later expandable HDD, RAM and CPU capacity
  • On-demand taking and storing of snapshots
  • Establishing a private network between virtual ends
  • Running virtual machines in servers based in a city (Budapest / Las Vegas / Silicon Valley / Dallas / Amsterdam)
  • Establishing geographically distributed and/or high computing capacity servers
  • Accessing Windows/Linux applications on mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

All our services include

  • Self-service ordering and ticketing system
  • Automatic VPS Management System (Reboot, Reinstall, Console)
  • 24/7 electronic support and service aids/guides
  • Unrestricted access to bandwidth