Affiliate programs

As part of our affiliate programs, we want to develop long-term partnerships with companies, individuals and public persons who have a similar vision like us as a professional or as a company with a significant customer base , and believe that by disseminating future solutions, they contribute to improving people's quality of life and energy efficiency to protect our environment.

Affiliate Program for Integrators

Our Integrator Affiliate Program has been set up for professional companies where our partners can complement their portfolio with the products we produce or distribute, and with the highest level of technical support they can offer their customers integrated solutions.

  • Multi-category discount pricing
  • Advanced technical support and education
  • Presence among our integrator partners
  • Possibility to acquire new business opportunities, broadening the range of services offered

Foreign Representation Affiliate Program

Our foreign affiliate partner program is open to companies or individuals who are active in the EU or even in other parts of the world and would like to participate in the international distribution of our products and services.

  • Multi-category discount pricing
  • Option of being an exclusive partner in certain areas
  • Acquiring new market opportunities and sources of revenue
  • Sales and marketing support

f you are interested in the above affiliate programs, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..