Universal Device Management System

The development of the Universal Device Management System was occasioned by the demand of a multinational client of ours: there are several production lines where old types of PLC and HMI solutions are still in use. Their product-related parameterization and the collection of runtime data can be feasible slowly, merely on the spot or they cannot be performed at all.

The solution of our development team is similar to a modern SCADA solution in nearly every aspect though this one was particularly created for the management of non-supported devices. The whole system is IP based with encrypted data connection.

Key features and solutions

  • TCP/IP based, remote data communication with OS/2 systems
  • Siemens S5 PLC communication on Sinec H1 connection
  • FreeDOS connection on real-time TCP/IP connection
  • Web-based, multi-language user interface
  • Remote parameterization and production data retrievals for unlimited number of devices
  • MS Manager Windows client for bulk data transfer

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