Linda Smart Technologies Zrt. was established

As a founder with qualified influence, our company established a new spin-off company, which is how Linda Smart Technologies Zrt. was created, which will take over the development of building automation products and the provision of services from April 2023.

With the creation of the new company, the entire Linda Smart Vision HW/SW system and all our services related to smart buildings were relocated, so Linda Smart Shop also continues to operate under the new company. With the separation, we want to ensure further organic growth and the acquisition of powerful new EU markets, and negotiations have also begun on possible capital raising opportunities.

Linda Smart Vision as the Swiss Army knife of smart buildings, contains everything you need to manage and supervise a smart building:

  • remote access and mobile application;
  • alerts and treshold monitoring subsystem;
  • data colletion and graphic analytics system;
  • PLC modelled programming features

In 15 years, we have been able to take part in numerous industrial and building automation projects. That's how we have experienced the real problems that characterize each discipline. Throughout the development, we kept these in mind, creating a compact solution that creates real value instead of impossible promises.

The product is available in a variety of versions, from the Linda Smart Vision Router with home wireless module to multi-building Enterprise versions.

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